Varian Acquisition

Varian Acquisition

On May 14, 2010, Agilent announced that it had completed its acquisition of Varian Inc. The documents below provide more information regarding the acquisition and information for former Varian shareholders.

For more information please contact our transfer agent:

A transfer agent for a publicly held company keeps records of stock held by registered shareholders, including shares held in certificate form. When stock changes hands, the transfer agent updates the record of ownership of the stock. The transfer agent does not maintain records of shares bought and sold through brokerage accounts and held in "street name." Such records are maintained by the specific brokerages through which shares are bought and sold.

The transfer agent is also responsible for escheatment, which is the legally-required process of transferring unclaimed property to the state. If you are a registered shareholder of Agilent stock, it is critical that you maintain current contact information with the transfer agent; otherwise, you are at risk of having your shares escheated. If you hold your shares through a brokerage account, you should ensure that your contact information is current with your brokerage firm.

Agilent’s transfer agent is Computershare Investor Services.

  • Computershare Investor Services:
    Telephone: Within the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico: 800-546-5141
    International: 781-575-2765

  • Agilent Technologies Investor Relations
    5301 Stevens Creek Blvd. MS 1A-IR
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
    General Inquiries: 408-345-8862

    Please note:  Investor Relations does not have information regarding your individual account or shares held (Agilent or Varian); for those questions, please contact Computershare Investor Services